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I hate Safeway. Sorry, but I just do. I work for Genuardi's Family Markets, which is a chain of about 40 stores in southeastern Pennsylvania. I just hit my third year working there. Safeway bought out our company a little over a year ago, and WOW have they screwed things up. They have moved our products to different aisles, repainted the store, and have even discontinued a fair amount of products in order to infest our stores with Safeway Select brand items. I can handle the aforementioned problems. The one thing that I am tired of handling is the customers. They have turned on us, and it isn't even our fault. We are bitched out daily about how much our store sucks and how it isn't the "old Genuardi's". I am only a cashier....I had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. If one takes a look at any surrounding supermarket in the Philadelphia region, they will find that Genuardi's employees are generally faster and friendlier than anywhere else, yet we are never appreciated for what we do for these assholes. I used to like working there. I now dread going to work, and if you think I am in a position to quit, then think again. I am sick of dealing with petty people and all of their petty problems. I am going to be a police officer, and I will have to deal with human suffering on a daily basis. Human suffering does not include the reduced size of our paper bags because some fuckwad up in Safeway's headquarters decided it would be a hell of a lot more fun to cut the size of them to see how many more employees will quit and how many more customers we will lose. Perhaps I am being a bitch about this. I am only trying to point out how a large corporation like Safeway can take an honest 80 year old family company and nearly destroy it.

Ugh sorry, I've held that in for a long time :-P
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